StreamS Capital is a financial advisory firm specializing in helping successful entrepreneurs and small business owners design long term financial solutions to preserve wealth, generate income and create positive multi-generational impact. 

Our clients all share a commitment and desire to make the future a better place for loved ones and neighbors alike by purposely seeking knowledge and making better decisions that are SMARTER IN THE LONG RUN™


We serve Single Family Offices and small Business Owners who will be selling or have recently sold an operating business and have liquid assets between $8-25 million USD.

Liquidity events are fun and generate lots of cash, but that does create a unique set of problems.
  • ​People generally don't know exactly where to park large amounts of cash where it will be protected from bad things happening.
  • ​After selling an operating business, people want or need to replace their income in order to maintain the family lifestyle without depleting capital. 
  • ​Often, people don't have the time or experience necessary to make direct investments.
Our solution is a 5 step system we call SMARTER IN THE LONG RUN™

  • ​First we listen.  We take time to identify and confirm that the plan to preserve and distribute wealth are in line with your family's values.
  • ​We quantify any immediate or medium term cash requirements.
  • ​We collaborate with industry experts on topics such as; Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Charitable Gifting Strategies.
  • ​We hunt, expose and mitigate risk
  • ​Last, we implement, monitor and adjust accordingly
The reason why we're passionate about what we do...
"Because at the end of the day or at the end of the career, what matters most is the people we love.  Blessed to be surrounded with good friends and family is our true measure of wealth." 
- Andre Hampton, Founder
StreamS Capital
About StreamS
StreamS Capital is a financial advisory firm specializing in preserving wealth and designing long term financial solutions that create legacies for multi-generational impact. We serve high net worth and pioneering physicians, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and CPA's which all share a commitment and desire to make the future a better place for loved ones and neighbors alike by purposely seeking knowledge and making decisions today that are SMARTER IN THE LONG RUN™
StreamS Capital is dedicated to helping you identify and mitigate risk with strategies that are tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to help each client reach your goals of retirement and financial freedom and security. We will provide personalized customer service, outstanding stewardship, knowledge and skill to help maximize and guide you toward your financial goals.
Andre Hampton, Managing Director
Andre is an astute life and annuity expert, investment advisor rep, business professional, author and visionary leader able to leverage his impressive blend of financial advisement and real estate expertise to design and execute dynamic, creative investment strategies that produce optimal growth. During his career, he has developed a highly analytical and strategic investment mindset that identifies and capitalizes on emerging market opportunities to achieve expected returns, while also maximizing flexibility and asset protection.
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